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  • Taking public transportation

    San Francisco has two public-transit systems: BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and MUNI (The San Francisco Municipal Railway). BART is more of a regional transit system; it is generally faster and more reliable than MUNI, but only has six or eight stops in San Francisco. The fare for taking BART within San Francisco is $1.75 per person. MUNI operates in San Francisco only, and within the city its network is much more comprehensive. The MUNI system comprises modern trolley cars, old-fashioned trolley cars and buses. The fare for taking MUNI within San Francisco is $2.00 per person.

    Public transportation to and from the picnic

    To get to Mission Dolores Park from downtown, the J-Church MUNI line is your best bet. Catch the J-Church outbound from any downtown underground MUNI/BART station (Embarcadero is closest for those staying at the Vitale, Montgomery is closest for those at the Galleria Park, and Powell is closest for those staying at the Good Hotel; all three stations are on Market Street). Disembark at 20th Street -- you'll know you're there because you'll be at the south end of the park, and you'll just have ascended a hill and you'll have a terrific view of the San Francisco skyline. Follow the path down the hill into the park and look for our balloons!

    Public transportation to and from Foreign Cinema

    To get to Foreign Cinema using public transportation, you can take BART or a MUNI bus. The bus will be slower, but will deposit you closer to the restaurant; BART will be faster but you'll need to walk a few blocks when you arrive in the Mission (note that the Mission is a little gritty).

    The best bus to take is the 14-Mission bus, which runs along Mission street. If you're staying at the Hotel Vitale or the Good Hotel, this bus will pretty much take you door to door. You'll want to board a bus traveling west, whose head sign says it's going toward Mission St & San Jose Ave. Near the Vitale, you can board at the intersection of Mission Street and Steuart Street; near the Good Hotel, you can board at the corner of Mission Street and 7th Street. From the Galleria Park hotel, you can walk a few blocks south to the corner of Mission Street and Second Street and board from there. In all cases, plan to disembark at the stop at the southwest corner of Mission Street and 21st Street, and then walk to a few steps to Foreign Cinema at 2534 Mission Street.

    For BART: Go to any downtown underground MUNI/BART station
    (Embarcadero is closest for those staying at the Vitale, Montgomery is closest for those at the Galleria Park, and Powell is closest for those staying at the Good Hotel; all three stations are on Market Street). Enter the BART system, and then catch any southbound train (a southbound train is one going to SFO, Millbrae or Daly City). Get off the train at 24th Street, and walk north on Mission Street (if the street numbers are decreasing, you're going the right way!). Foreign Cinema is at 2534 Mission Street, between 22nd and 21st Streets, on the west side of the street.

    Getting to brunch at the Hotel Vitale

    The Hotel Vitale is quite close the Embarcadero MUNI/BART station. Once you're there, you'll want to walk a block south of Market Street to Mission Street, and then walk east toward the water to the intersection of Mission and Steuart Streets. And you're there: 8 Mission Street! C'mon in, and find us on the back patio of the Americano restaurant.

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  • Welcome to our Web site!

    We're thrilled to have you.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit our dorky site. We update it with new information periodically, so if you don't see what you're looking for, do check back! Or, feel free to email Page with any questions, at:

    pagerockwell (at) gmail (dot) com

    We hope you'll be able to celebrate with us!

    Kevin & Page

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  • At last, some hotel information

    3 options, 3 price points, 3 times the fun

    We've set rooms for guests aside at three great local hotels. Our dear friend Christian, who is a budding hotel magnate, has kindly helped us to get discounted rates at all three. The discounted rates apply from Thursday, August 27th through Sunday, August 30th. To take advantage of the discount, you'll need to book via this online reservation link (which we'll repeat below) and make your reservation by July 27, 2009.

    About the hotels: All three are close to public transportation and are situated in relatively cab-rich locations (for San Francisco, anyway). None of them is within walking distance of Foreign Cinema, since the low-slung Mission District lacks big, or even medium-sized, hotels. So the differences between the three mostly come down to price, vibe, neighborhood and whether anyone else you know is staying there. We're happy to help coordinate on that last point. On the first three, here's some info.:

    Hotel Vitale – More upscale, and a Rockwell family favorite

    Page's mom loves this place. We've managed to get a great rate at the usually pricey Vitale, which is right on the waterfront in San Francisco and close to the city's historic Ferry Building. It is the most expensive of our options for the wedding, but a really great hotel and location. Many rooms have views of the bay, and some of the suites are truly spectacular, though these may cost a little more. The Vitale has some lovely outdoor terraces for guests to enjoy. Our families will probably stay here. More information on Hotel Vitale.

    • The negotiated rate for this hotel is starting at $169 a night; price may vary depending on what type of room you select. To make sure you get the discounted rate, book early!

    Galleria Park Hotel – Shopping and a great restaurant

    The Galleria Park is a charming boutique hotel located near Union Square, where there’s lots of shopping. (If you’re coming from New York, you may need to adjust your expectations on this point). This is a good mid-priced option and very well located. It also has a cool new restaurant, Midi, with an up-and-coming chef, so you may want to grab a bite to eat there if we don’t feed you enough. This is a great place if you want to do some shopping, check out Chinatown or just be be in the heart of the city. More information on the Galleria Park Hotel.

    • The negotiated rate for this hotel is starting at $120 a night; price may vary depending on what type of room you select. To make sure you get the discounted rate, book early!

    The Good Hotel – Cheap and fun

    This hotel lives up to its name: It’s a good hotel. Good as in practical, good as in “green,” and good as in good value. The hotel is in the SOMA (South of Market) neighborhood, which is a little gritty, but it's a central, convenient location. It is also the closest hotel to Foreign Cinema, where the wedding is, and has a neat pizza place off the lobby and a Custom Burger joint across the street. If you’re on a budget and want a fun, basic place to stay, this is a great option. There are also many twin rooms here for friends who want to double up. More information on the Good Hotel.

    • The negotiated rate for this hotel is $84 a night for rooms with 2 twins or 1 double bed, and $93 a night for larger rooms with 1 queen bed or 2 double beds. To make sure you get the discounted rates, book early!

    To take advantage of the discount, you'll need to book your room online using this online reservation link, and make your reservation by July 27, 2009.

    Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty with your booking or if you have any questions. Even if those questions are more along the lines of "How is this other hotel I've found a discount for?" or "Do you know any friends whose floor we can sleep on instead?" or "I don't know how to book online -- will you help?" We're happy to help in any way we can -- and we'll share any tips or updates we learn.

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  • Getting to San Francisco

    Planes, trains and automobiles

    Hi all! Thanks for contemplating traveling to our wedding. Here's some travel information for out-of-town guests.

    Your easiest airport option is San Francisco International Airport. It's about a 15-minute drive or 40-minute subway (a.k.a. BART) train ride from downtown San Francisco, and we usually find good fares in and out of this airport. We usually take BART to and from the airport -- a one-way trip is about $8. A taxi will cost you about $50.

    Your other option is Oakland International Airport. Sometimes fares into Oakland are cheaper. Oakland is also a great option for anyone planning to stay in Berkeley or (obviously) Oakland. On the flip side, this airport is a bit farther away from San Francisco, and is more complicated to reach using public transportation -- you can take a shuttle bus from the airport to the nearest BART station, but the whole trip will probably take you at least an hour. Taking a taxi from Oakland to San Francisco can be quite expensive, and you may hit traffic on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, adding to both your transit time and your final bill.

    Some travel sites will offer San Jose airport as a third option for travel to San Francisco. We recommend avoiding this, as San Jose is about an hour south of San Francisco by car (and that's if you don't hit commuter traffic), and there are no good public-transportation options.

    If you're going online to look for flights, and you don't have a preferred travel site, we like Kayak -- click here to check it out.

    For fares, schedules and general information on BART (that's Bay Area Rapid Transit), go to http://bart.gov.

    A note on rental cars:

    If you want to rent a car at either airport, you can certainly do so, but keep in mind that parking in San Francisco is very expensive, and overnight parking generally is not included in your hotel rate. Considering that you'll probably only need a car if you're planning day trips outside the city, you may prefer to save money and take public transportation or taxis.

    Car-service recommendation:

    If you'd like to arrange car service to or from the airport, we like Jet Car Limo.

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  • Outside Lands!

    ... is a big San Francisco music festival, Aug. 28-30

    Who schedules their wedding the same weekend as a big outdoor music festival? We do!

    Not on purpose, of course. When we picked our wedding date, Outside Lands had not yet been scheduled. Now that it has been, we're set to enjoy a festive San Francisco atmosphere the weekend of August 29th.

    Outside Lands concerts are held in Golden Gate Park -- a huge and lovely tract of land in the western part of the city. The park is several miles away from Foreign Cinema, where the wedding is, and from any hotel you're likely to be staying in, so the festival shouldn't interfere with our wedding brouhaha too much. Still, we recommend that out-of-towners book accommodations early, and that everyone plan for public transportation to take a little longer on that weekend. Particularly, anyone going to the Golden Gate Park area should expect getting to and from the area to take about an hour longer than it would ordinarily.

    Want to hit some Outside Lands shows and still make it to our wedding? You've got stamina, friend. Let's make this happen! Concerts are scheduled to start at 3 p.m. on Friday, August 28th and at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 29th (the wedding day) and Sunday, August 30th. So you can take in as many shows as you can handle on both Friday and Sunday, and anything from 11 a.m. to around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and still make it to the church* on time. We advise allotting as much as 2 hours to get back downtown from Outside Lands, and the wedding is at 6 p.m.

    For more on Outside Lands, go here.

    * Figuratively speaking. We're getting married in a restaurant.

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  • Recent conversation

    K: What do you call a Star Wars-themed wedding?
    P: What?
    K: A Boba fête.

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